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Computer Software Training Workshops Online & Onsite

Our workshops are geared to provide help with your current projects - taking training from the theoretical to the practical.

Our facilitators will work with you to help you create or improve new or current applications - from spreadsheets and databases to web sites. Workshops can be arranged for any of the software covered by our flexible software titles. Workshops are useful when you have a specific need or problem, but are also a brilliant way of reinforcing learning.

There is no better way than producing something worthwhile to appreciate and cement the process and benefits of software in the workplace!

why choose workshop?

  • If you have a particular software task in mind and wonder how you will bridge the gap between your training theory and your own expectations, our workshops, adapted to suit your business needs, will provide the answer!
  • They improve practical ability, empowering your team to create and maintain projects therefore learning while achieving your work targets.
  • Because you have created the project, you understand the concept and workings behind it, therefore you will be better able to adapt it and create new projects in the future.

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