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Training Needs Analysis

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This questionnaire helps you assess your current skill level, which helps us choose the most suitable course

Please mark each question from 1 to 10. 10 meaning a complete understanding and 1 indicates no previous knowledge. The 'Ability' column is your current knowledge and the 'Need' column indicates how important a topic is to you.

If you do not know what the topic refers to then leave the Need column blank.

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  Ability Need
Have you successfully created basic documents using Word?
Are you confident about saving files and navigating through folders?
Can you use copy and paste features?
Are you aware of and can you use the Format Painter tool?
Do you know the shortcut keys for moving around the document and applying basic formatting?
Can you insert page breaks into a document?
Have you used the AutoCorrect feature?
Do you understand how to manage the AutoFormat feature?
Can you insert page numbers into your document?
Can you insert today's date in to a document and control whether this updates automatically?
Can you check spelling and grammar within a document?
Can you preview your document and print selective parts of it?
Do you understand the difference between character, paragraph and section formatting?
Can you use paragraph justification and indentation effectively?
Can you apply line spacing?
Do you use the Show/Hide facility to view the contents of your document?
Do you know the difference between paragraph and line breaks?
Can you find and replace strings of text within your documents?
Can you insert special non-keyboard characters in to your text?
Do you know what different document views are available and when each is most appropriate?

Ability Total


Need Total


Each question where your NEED is greater than your ABILITY will make this course more useful to you. When these rows total over 50, the course is recommended. 0

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