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Training Needs Analysis

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This questionnaire helps you assess your current skill level, which helps us choose the most suitable course

Please mark each question from 1 to 10. 10 meaning a complete understanding and 1 indicates no previous knowledge. The 'Ability' column is your current knowledge and the 'Need' column indicates how important a topic is to you.

If you do not know what the topic refers to then leave the Need column blank.

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  Ability Need
Do you understand the difference between relative and absolute cell addressing in formulae?
Can you apply formatting which changes depending on the contents of cells?
Have you worked with Excel files that contain multiple sheets?
Can you enter formulae which consolidates information across different sheets?
Do you know how to use the Insert Function option?
Can you copy and move cells and ranges within a worksheet and between worksheets?
Can you use the IF function?
Can you use lookup functions such as VLOOKUP or HLOOKUP?
Can you use Text Functions such as LEFT or RIGHT?
Do you know how to copy aspects of a cell or range - such as just the value or just the format?
Do you know how to restrict the data entry in a cell?
Do you know how to add comments?
Do you know how to name ranges of cells and what the value of doing this is?
Do you know how to align and merge cells?
Can you move or duplicate entire sheets of your workbook?
Can you use any of the Excel database features such as AutoFilter or Pivot Tables?
Have you created charts using worksheet data?
Can you edit the format of your charts?
Can you print a selection of worksheets with automatic consecutive page numbering?
Can you print a worksheet with headers and footers?

Ability Total


Need Total


Each question where your NEED is greater than your ABILITY will make this course more useful to you. When these rows total over 50, the course is recommended. 0

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