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Training Needs Analysis

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This questionnaire helps you assess your current skill level, which helps us choose the most suitable course

Please mark each question from 1 to 10. 10 meaning a complete understanding and 1 indicates no previous knowledge. The 'Ability' column is your current knowledge and the 'Need' column indicates how important a topic is to you.

If you do not know what the topic refers to then leave the Need column blank.

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  Ability Need
Do you know how to create a new database?
Do you know the different objects in database?
Do you know how to create a table?
Do you know how to change field property of a table?
Do you know what a primary key is?
Can you create a primary key?
Do you how to enter data in table?
Can you import large amount of data into table?
Can you save database objects using their correct prefix?
Do you know what relationship is?
Can you create a relationship?
Do you understand how Referential Integrity works?
Can you create a query showing selected fields?
Can you sort the query result in order?
Can you filter the query result using Criteria?
Can you use query to return data from multiple tables?
Can you create a form?
Do you know how to change the form appearance?
Can you create a report?
Do you know how to change the report appearance?

Ability Total


Need Total


Each question where your NEED is greater than your ABILITY will make this course more useful to you. When these rows total over 50, the course is recommended. 0

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