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Calculator for Child Education Costs

(JW/GL/SB CCFR 2009-2014)

The tool is used by local authorities to enable them to compare and analyse the relative values of different types of education for children.

The data features information about each child, and each provision, and breaks the cost down into each stage of the education process. Reports are then created on the fly in Excel, currently featuring 2 different structures of interactive pivot tables.

Users can import data from different sources, and can easily change the format of imports with a field-mapping table. This means that if there are changes to the input data column headings, these new or modified fields can be simply mapped across to the correct place in the destination tables. This greatly reduces need for expensive modifications to the code.

Users can also change the cost tables on which the calculations are based.

The database was split between a front end containing the forms, code and reports, and a back end that contained the raw data.

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