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Conversion of Stores Database from Access to SQL

(GL EG 2005-2006)

As a result of an Access XP database straining under high volume of data and users, it was decided that Microsoft SQL Server would be a more appropriate platform. This project involved converting like-for-like between the two systems.

An Access database had been in use since early 2001 and, taking advantage of Access's flexibility, the client had incrementally developed the system over the years to include additional functionality and enhanced analysis reporting.

The consequence of these years of use and evolution is that the system had gradually become slower in performance, and it was proposed that the database be upgraded to run on SQL Server to benefit from a real multi-user environment, improved performance and reliability.

Because of the nature of some of the data, the client did not want to solve the problem by "archiving" data - and felt that introducing "business rules" which would simplify the analysis process would actually compromise their way of working - so the only solution was to upgrade the database platform to a more powerful data management tool - SQL Server 2000.

Timed to coincide with a move to a new location and the migration from LAN to WAN, the plan was to literally translate all functions of the existing system to work in the same way from the user's perspective, whilst obviously making changes in the background to make sure that SQL Server was doing all the work!

Delivery was on time and to budget in early February 2006 and a more robust, secure and faster system is now in place.

The system is administered internally and sits along side the business's other SQL Server databases.

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