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Legal Form Generator

(GL/SB BN 2006)

This project connected an existing database of clients details to a series of standardised legal forms. This enabled the production of professionally formatted, 40-page forms, using database validated data, at the press of a button.

Specifically relating to divorce cases, this project saved secretarial staff from having to re-type clients data from a database into a legal form, which was time consuming and prone to errors.

Various solutions were considered before deciding to store the data in Access (for ease of manipulation and validation), and then exporting it to a Word document (for professional appearance). The existing methods for such data export (such as Mail Merge) were inadequate for the task, and so custom VBA routines were written which enabled the export of repeating tables, repeating pages, sub-totals and calculations. The prime advantage of generating the forms in Word was the ability to email editable documents to IT-aware clients for their convenience in completing details and being able to send the revisions back electronically.

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