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Report Filtering Tool

(SB ULPS 2007-2008)

This Excel tool runs through a folder containing static spreadsheets, and adds filtering features to them. This includes a user-friendly form with a unique indexed list of all the values for each field, superior to Excel's default filtering capability.

This can be triggered to run automatically, so that after the reports have been created, a call is put through to open the tool. If it is set to auto run, it will process all the reports it finds in the folder, add filtering abilities, then close itself.

To speed up filtering, the tool first creates a unique list of each value in the key fields. These are then presented to the user when they open up they activate the filter. Users can make multiple selections in all the categories, and their previous choices are remembered.

The indexing method had to be clever enough to cope with input columns that could contain any field names, in any sequence! This meant the columns for each input block had to be shuffled and sorted to create a single list. Given the irregularity of the potential field headings, an efficient sorting algorithm had to be devised.

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