Course Outline

Microsoft Project 2016 Introduction


Who is this course for?

As a new user, with little or no experience of Project, the topics covered on this course will empower you with the skills required to plan and control Projects actions.


How long is this course?

2 Days 


What do I need to know before attending?

It is assumed only that you have a basic knowledge and understanding of the Windows environment. 


What will I expect to achieve at the end of the training?
At the end of this course
you will be able to:

  • Use the Fluent User Interface and contextual guidance to aid navigation through Microsoft Project
  • Create a project plan file and enter task information.
  • Create a work breakdown structure by organizing tasks and setting task relationships.
  • Assign project resources.
  • Finalise the project plan file.


Price Band:



Overview of the Project Screen
The new Microsoft Fluent User Interface
Tell Me

Creating a Project Plan File
Create a Project Plan File
Create and Assign a Project Calendar
Add Tasks to the Project Plan File
Add a Project Summary Task
Add a Recurring Task
Enter Task Duration Estimates

Creating a Work Breakdown Structure
Outline Tasks
Link Dependent Tasks
Identify Deliverables in the Project Plan File
Constrain Tasks
Set a Task Deadline

Creating and Assigning Resources
Create Resources
Create a Resource Calendar
Assign Resources
Assign Additional Resources to a Task
Resource engagement
Resolve Resource Conflicts
Using the Task Inspector

Finalising the Project Plan
View the Critical Path
Shorten the Project Duration
Set a Baseline
Display Project Summary Information
Timeline View

Additional Topics
Other topics of interest will be covered when you are comfortable with the core elements of the course, where time allows.

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