Course Outline

Adobe Photoshop CC Intermediate


Who is this course for?

Delegates will have a thorough understanding of image enhancement and manipulation in Photoshop.


How long is this course?

1 Day 


What do I need to know before attending?

It is assumed that you have the equivalent knowledge of topics to those presented on the Photoshop Introduction course. 


What will I expect to achieve at the end of the training?
At the end of this course
you will be able to:

  • Manage the Photoshop Environment
  • Understand Image Characteristics.
  • Enhance images with automatic and manual adjustments.
  • Paint image with custom paint, swatches and patterns.
  • Select image areas using the Magnetic Lasso, Elliptical Marquee and Path.
  • Create and use Smart Objects and Layer Masks.
  • Use Quick Mask mode, alpha channels, and Layer Masks to isolate image areas.
  • Work with vector graphics tools.


Price Band:



Managing the Photoshop Environment with Bridge
Comparing and previewing Images.
Using the Filter Panel and Version Cue.

Setting Basic Image Characteristics
Image resolution, dimensions and file size.
Changing image resolution and canvas size.
Understanding colour channels and modes.
Understanding file formats.
Outputing to print.
Working with Multiple Artboards.

More on Enhancing an Image
Import photos from a digital camera card.
Adjusting white balance and exposure.
Working with levels, curves and filters.
Black and white conversion.
Red Eye Reduction.
Sampling, mixing paint and working with swatches.
Creating patterns.
Erodible Brushes
Adding Glyphs.

More on Working with Selections
Refining selection edges.
Oval and circular selections and the Magnetic Lasso tool.
Erasing using selections.
Creating selections from paths.

More on Working with Layers
Creating and using Smart Objects.
Blending options and layer effects.
Layer styles and masks, linking, grouping and merging layers.
Layer search

Masks and Channels
Creating and editing Quick Masks.
Saving a selection as a mask and loading a mask as a selection.
Using channels and applying filters to a mask.
Using a Gradient mask and extracting an image.
Focus Mask features.

Typographic Design
Creating a Clipping Mask from type.
Interactive formatting controls.
Designing a paragraph of type.
Warping point type and warping a layer.

Drawing paths and shapes with the Pen Tool.
Subtracting shapes from a shape layer.
Working with defined custom shapes.

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